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A Poplar Bluff woman pleads guilty to manslaughter, sentencing date set

Feb 20, 2013 -- 4:00pm


A Poplar Bluff woman will be sentenced next month for her role  in the deaths of two men in a DWI accident.  25-year-old Christine Aldridge drove her vehicle into the Black River in April 2012.  She was rescued after two bystanders found her trapped in the submerged car, but her passengers died inside.  The bodies of 25-year-old Josh Phelps and 29-year-old Jason Carrington were recovered by the Missouri Water Patrol.  Aldridge was legally drunk when she went through a stop sign, slid through an intersection, and went off the road into the River.  She pled guilty to involuntary manslaughter and will face sentencing in Ripley County before Judge Michael Pritchett on March 18th.

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