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KBSI warns of Fox blackout on DIRECTV

Feb 28, 2013 -- 6:45pm
**UPDATE** Satellite subscribers will not lose access to Fox 23 KBSI today after an agreement reached Thursday evening between the station's owners and satellite provider DIRECTV.According to a news release issued by Sinclair Broadcast Group, which owns KBSI, a retransmission consent agreement was reached. The companies have entered into a short-term extension of its existing agreement to allow the parties to enter into a formal agreement. As a result, DIRECTV will continue to carry KBSI.Satellite subscribers may lose access to Fox 23 KBSI as of Friday/today if the station's owners and satellite provider DIRECTV cannot come to terms on fees. KBSI, based in Cape Girardeau, posted a notice on its website Wednesday that said beginning on March 1st they no longer expect the station to be carried by DIRECTV. The blackout will not affect Dish network or cable subscribers. Both companies have published notices on their websites detailing their points of view.  KBSI's owners say the impasse stems from a disagreement about how much DIRECTV should pay to carry the channel. Local stations are available over the airwaves to people with digital antennas, but Sinclair said DIRECTV should pay to retransmit its content because the company charges its subscribers for access.

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