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A local politician is trying to juggle many important topics in Jefferson City

Mar 01, 2013 -- 4:15pm


District 146 House Representative Donna Lichtenegger is working to keep common sense and fiscal responsibility strong in Missouri’s capital. She says she is against receiving any federal funds to expand Medicaid as the future of the program leaves too many unanswered questions. She says she received hundreds of pieces of correspondence supporting the second amendment and assures you she would not support any bills that might threaten the second amendment. On another front, Lichtenegger says her bill (HB 28) authorizes any county commission, municipality, or fire protection district to adopt an order or ordinance, including a bur n ban order, regarding its emergency management functions as they relate to a natural or man-made disaster and she already has a follow up to it in (HB 612)… KZIM KSIM asked her why she is filing another form of the No Burn Notice? The Conservation Department contacted her and said they have a need to be able to start a fire to stop a fire when under a no burn order. So that's added into the bill. Also people would be able to continue the sale of fireworks since their window of opportunity is so small. Lichtenegger says there needed to be an emergency clause. She says she is fighting for worker’s freedom in (HB 93)to keep jobs from bleeding away into other states and forging ahead on supporting funding for mental health programs. 

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