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Illinois man faces two felony charges after Sunday arrest

Mar 05, 2013 -- 6:00pm


A Southern Illinois man faces two felony weapons charges for brandishing a gun inside a Cape Girardeau restaurant Sunday morning and shooting several windows at a bank.  27-year-old Corey Lasley of Olive Branch is charged with unlawful use of a weapon for carrying the gun concealed without a permit and shooting a firearm at a building. Police were called to Denny's restaurant in Cape Girardeau at about 1 a.m. Sunday in reference to a man with a firearm. The restaurant management complained of several people causing a disturbance and using racial slurs. Lasley had a .40-caliber semi-automatic handgun, didn't have a concealed carry permit, and was allegedly drunk.  Lasley was also charged with causing the damage First State Community Bank, which he admitted to police.  His arraignment is set for 1 p.m. Monday before Judge Gary Kamp.

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