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Cape insurance agent goes to trial in civil court this summer

Mar 05, 2013 -- 6:28pm


A civil court case against a local insurance agent will go to trial this July.  Paul Bollinger of Jackson was being treated for cancer in August 2007 when he gave 80-thousand dollars to insurance agent, Keith L. Monia. Bollinger said he intended for the money to be invested in an annuity plan, and told the state of Missouri in a December 2010 complaint against Monia that he never saw the annuity or his money again.  Bollinger’s attorney of Bradshaw, Steele, Cochrane & Berens Adam Hanna tells KZIM-KSIM they expect a good result.  Hanna has obtained evidence for the July 30th jury trial, showing nearly all of the money taken from his client was spent within days. Last month, the Missouri Administrative Hearing Commission refused to renew Monia’s insurance license, on the grounds of his “fraudulent and dishonest practices”.  In 2007, Monia filed for bankruptcy-with debts of more than 300-thousand, and owed the IRS 500-thousand dollars.  The case is filed in civil court, as the criminal statute of limitations for the 2007 dispute had expired.  Bollinger hopes to encourage others to investigate or get a second opinion where their finances are concerned. 

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