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Gordonville proposes tax be put to vote on April 4th, need to pay for water system

Mar 06, 2013 -- 6:00pm


As Gordonville nears bankruptcy; leaders have proposed raising the sales tax to provide revenue for their three-year-old wastewater system.  The half-cent sales tax will be put to a vote April 4.  Gordonville Mayor J.D. King says he is hopeful approving the tax will be a first step in addressing the system's maintenance needs and reducing users' rates.  People were told they would pay about $30 a month but breakdowns have them paying as much as $100 a month.
King says that since the sewer system's construction in 2008, user fees primarily have been the source of revenue to pay back a $1.5 million loan from the Department of Natural Resources, which the town agreed to retire in 20 years.  Gordonville city clerk Rebecca Wright says the town has nine businesses, all of which were supportive of the sales tax.  If passed, the new tax would be added to a 1 percent county tax and the state's 4.225 percent tax.

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