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Police are finding local businesses and underaged more compliant with laws

Mar 06, 2013 -- 7:00pm


The Cape Girardeau Police Department reported Monday to the City Council on enforcement of alcohol laws that pertain to underage individuals.   Police Chief Roger Fields said that through a combination of a public awareness campaign, high-profile enforcement activities and extra steps by the department and other area law enforcement agencies, those younger than 21 who attempt to illegally buy and consume alcohol in the community are starting to get the message they will be caught.  Patrolman Richard Couch tells KZIM-KSIM that businesses are doing their part as well.  Officers have sent paid underage individuals equipped with video and audio equipment to attempt to buy alcohol at convenience stores to check business compliance with the laws, paid for through a grant from EPIC-Early Prevention Impacts Community. Bar walk-throughs and nuisance party patrols have also played a part in stepped-up enforcement.


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