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Sikeston students win statewide poster contest

Mar 07, 2013 -- 2:00pm

Some talented students in southeast Missouri are winners in a statewide competition.  The State Emergency Management Agency announced elementary school students from Sikeston are among the winners of the “Show-Me Shake Out” Poster Contest, Missouri’s statewide earthquake awareness poster contest. Fourth-grader Chloe Apurado (AH-purr-ah-do), third-grader Vincent Kleuppel (CLEP-uhl), students at Saint Francis Xavier School in Sikeston took the top prizes in their grades for their posters showing the best way for people to protect themselves in an earthquake. The students will be recognized during award presentations at their schools on Tuesday the 12th.  Third, fourth and fifth grade students across Missouri participated in the contest, with one winner from each grade receiving a $50 gift certificate.

Winning posters:

Vincent Kleuppel - 3rd Grade

Chloe Apurado - 4th Grade


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