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Jackson Chamber asks for money

Mar 22, 2013 -- 2:30pm


The Jackson Area Chamber of Commerce's director asked the Industrial Development Authority for a grant this week to make up a shortfall stemming from the city of Jackson's decision to stop funding the chamber last year. Chamber director Brian Gerau’s presentation was on economic development activities the chamber undertook in the last four years, and outlined the chamber's goals.  Gerau says the chamber's budget for economic development is virtually non-existant after the city voted last year to eliminate the $15,000 it has allocated each year since 2006.  The chamber did not openly support the city’s effort to annex Fruitland, which led to Alderman Joe Bob Baker’s review of the chamber's contract with the city. Baker says the chamber's contract states the director should have expertise in industrial development and the city will use the services of the director in the promotion of the industrial development within the community.  Jackson Mayor Barbara Lohr says the chamber has not held up its end of the bargain and has not been helping the city with economic development.

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