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The numbers are in for Cape Girardeau crime in 2012. The police department has been busy!

Mar 22, 2013 -- 1:49pm


The Cape Girardeau Police Department has a total of seventy-six officers with fifty on patrol.  In 2012 they took over 25-hundred more calls than in 2011 for a total of 53-thousand-7-hundred-83!! They wrote 1-hundred-thirty more reports with a total of 10-thousand-9-hundred-52! Patrolman Darin Hickey says we had 1-hundred more traffic crashes written up to the tune of 2-thousand-seventy. He cites three murders, twelve rapes, 5-hundred burglaries, 2-thousand-52 cases of stealing, and sixty-six robberies in 2012. That particular number shows a drop from ninety-four in 2011. KZIM KSIM asked Hickey why it is that even some people who call the police for help still regard them as an enemy…because we deal with people on their worst day. Whether they are a victim or an arrestee - all of those types of reasons make for a bad day. It's unfortunate as they want to make them feel safe in the community. Hickey said they made sixteen fewer arrest in 2012 with 3-thousand-8-hundred-eighty. There were seventy-six vehicle thefts, 1-hundred-62 aggravated assaults, and police wrote 7-thousand-and-one traffic tickets. 

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