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Perryville Chief will continue to be discussed

Apr 04, 2013 -- 6:24pm


No decisions were made Wednesday in Perryville to place a new leader in the city's police department, but several options were brought up during the board of aldermen meeting.  The office of police chief is vacant due to Keith Tarrillion's resignation last month amid allegations of misconduct made in February by a police department employee.  He has denied all the allegations.  City administrator Brent Buerck presented several options for filling the position in the interim until an election can be held, including appointing an officer from within the department, appointing someone from the community with certain law enforcement certifications or appointing a retired law enforcement officer after a regional search.  He also said a community committee could look at other options, such as keeping the position an elected one, or modifying duties so that an elected city marshal would serve, but an appointed person would handle administration of the police department.  Mayor Debbie Gahan says the board needed to take its time looking at options for chief and that discussion would pick up during the board's next regular meeting.

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