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Some of the cast of The Diary of Anne Frank from Cape Central High School pays a visit to KZIM KSIM

Apr 05, 2013 -- 3:23pm


The Diary of Anne Frank is a piece of history that reminds us how cruel humankind can be and yet how resilient we can become. The drama revolves around a Jewish girl in Holland, in the 1940-s, who must hide from the Nazis. The Cape Central High School Red Dagger Drama Club decided against a musical this year. Some of the cast was in the KZIM KSIM studio with Faune Riggin. Sophomore Maya Kelsch plays Anne and says she is exhilarated with the challenge. Junior Courtney Limbaugh plays Edith Frank. She has been studying the holocaust for a long time and is excited for her role. Senior Kaylen Martin is proud to be the in the first production in the new Richard D. Kinder Auditorium on campus. She plays Mrs. Van Daan. Also a Senior Brandon Wells plays the narcissistic Mr. Van Daan. He says it is tough playing a fifty-three year old man as a teenager. He tells KZIM KSIM most people are familiar with the story but he had a bit of a revelation. Having to put himself in that time he had to stop and think about it, pick it apart, and then realized that these were real people. Who couldn't even go outside because something that simple meant death for them! The Diary of Anne Frank will be performed under the Direction of Joseph Bradshaw and Ed Cole. Shows are at 7pm on the 11th through the 13th. Tickets can be purchased at the school office or at the door. 

Kaylen Martin and Brandon Wells


Courtney Limbaugh and Maya Kelsch

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