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A Missouri small business owner wants to be your Libertarian Representative in Washington DC

Apr 08, 2013 -- 5:00pm


Bill Slantz of St. Charles is the Libertarian candidate who will appear on the ballot June 4th. He is a small business owner and says he is tired of the madness in Washington DC. He is offended by the Fair Healthcare act also known as Obamacare, a strong public service advocate, and convinced that those with a D or R next to their name will only bring more of the same. Slantz tells KZIM KSIM, if sent to fill the eighth district seat he would not compromise on raising taxes, and that the second amendment and marriage should NOT be debated in Congress –inclusive to that… abortion. He calls himself a prolife guy but as a man has no say on what a woman does with her body. This is between the woman and her family and her clergy. It should be dealt with case by case and not even debated by the government. Slantz says we have too many lawyers and lobbyists in Washington and feels many are there for the wrong reasons. He also says he wants to find a way to stop the favors Monsanto receives to level the playing field for the little guys in agriculture. He will be on the ballot June fourth with Republican Jason Smith, Democrat Steve Hodges, and Constitution Party candidate Doug Enyart. 

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