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A Jackson man remains jailed for mental exam after a shootout with police

Apr 09, 2013 -- 5:35pm


A Jackson man facing charges for allegedly shooting at his wife and then turning the gun on police is awaiting a mental exam before his case proceeds.  46-year-old Lawrence Guthrie is charged with three counts of assault on a law officer and one count of domestic assault.  Guthrie's wife called 9-1-1 June 13th of 2012 to report a domestic assault that involved shots being fired.  He fled into a wooded lot on Primrose Lane and allegedly fired shots from a rifle at police, before he was subdued.  Guthrie pleaded not guilty before Judge Ben Lewis.  The judge  ordered a mental exam to be completed by the 8th.  A new court hearing is set for April 22nd in order for the mental exam to be completed.  Guthrie faces up to three life sentences if convicted. 

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