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A local church group needs more money to help people in Guatemala

Apr 10, 2013 -- 4:55pm


The St. Paul Lutheran Church in Jackson sends members to Guatemala to teach about Christianity as often as they can. This is a major undertaking with the cost of travel. Coordinator of the mission trip, David Crites tells KZIM KSIM they plan to send nineteen people, ranging in age from fifteen to sixty-five, to erect an all purpose building for a town of about 1-thousand – Los Ramones…This is a very depressed area. The church has made trips there to cunduct a bible school and always has to contend with doing so in a tent. They felt a permanenet building would better serve their needs so that is what they're doing! A breakfast fundraiser is being held in the Fellowship Hall at the Church this Sunday from 8am until 12-30pm. A free will offering is appreciated. Crites says they have a special recipe from New Orleans for the scrambled eggs to be accompanied by pancakes, sausage, and a drink!



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