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Southeast Expanding Dual Credit Program

Apr 11, 2013 -- 6:30am


Southeast Missouri State University is rolling out a new program, the first of its kind in the region, making dual credit courses for high school students more accessible and affordable.  The new program, to begin this fall, will help high school students prepare for college by making dual credit courses available online and at a rate competitive with other institutions offering dual credit in this region. The incidental fee for dual credit will be a flat rate of $85 per credit hour.  This initiative will greatly expand the array of Southeast dual credit offerings and will make them available to high school students regardless of the size of their school district. The program also offers high school students the opportunity to get a jumpstart on the rigors of college.  High school students may access the courses via the Internet from their high school, home or nearby public library.  The program’s significant contribution will be to accelerate students’ completion of post-secondary degrees. 

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