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Science meets religion in a special forum Monday in Dempster Hall

Apr 26, 2013 -- 3:04pm


If you believe in GOD and creationism or solely in evolution then this meeting is for you. The Creation Science Club of SE Missouri State University is hosting Professor of Mathematics with the Department of Defense, John Mark Henry Monday night at 6:30, in the Glenn Auditorium, at Dempster Hall. President of the group Abraham Renaud tells KZIM KSIM this man really understands math as you will hear in his presentation of Logic VS Evolution … When he speaks about random processes, mutations and natural selection one has to look at probabilities and statistics. That these things happen randomly with no input of design or information doesn't compute. A lot of scientists have found these results are not mathematically, logically, or statistically supported or possible! There will be a question and answer session after his presentation. This is a free meeting, open to the public and appropriate for all ages. 

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