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Illinois low-interest flood recovery loans

Apr 26, 2013 -- 2:00pm


Illinois State Treasurer Dan Rutherford says a low-interest loan program is now available to help individual property owners, businesses and farmers recover from weather-related property damage. The Disaster Recovery Linked Deposit Program makes deposits into lending institutions to help lower interest rates for borrowers. The April maximum interest rate is 2.36 percent for a two-year loan and 2.69 percent for a three-year loan. Rates are locked through the lending period.  Flood victims who expect insurance to eventually cover their costs can use the Disaster Recovery program as a "bridge loan" for one year until reimbursement arrives. Those who sustain damage on uninsured property are allowed up to five years to repay their loans.

For an application and information, call the Illinois State Treasurer's Disaster Recovery Hotline at 866-523-0641.


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