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Sikeston City Council begins work FY-14 budget

Apr 30, 2013 -- 7:31am


The City Council will be conducting its first public hearing on Sikeston's proposed FY-14 budget on Wednesday at 11:30am in the Council Chambers of Sikeston City Hall. Over the next month several meetings will be held for discussions, and public participation is welcomed and encouraged.  Initial projections indicate revenues will total $12.5 million, with expenditures estimated to be $12.8 million.  Over the next 30 days Council and staff will be reviewing the budget and making necessary adjustments.   To view a detailed statement of anticipated income and expenditures go to  The Council anticipates the budget will be finalized and adopted by June 3. The Council will conduct their regular monthly meeting at 5 pm, Monday the 6th, when the agenda will include discussions with the Miner Board of Aldermen on issues of mutual concern, a briefing on Burlington Northern Railroad proposed crossing improvements and safety upgrades, and authorization to dispose of surplus vehicles.

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