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Finding a way around construction will soon lead to finding a round-a-bout!

Apr 30, 2013 -- 10:20am


Work is underway on a roundabout at the intersection at Lexington Avenue and Route W in Cape Girardeau. MoDOT officials say the circular intersection will be safer, cause less congestion and cost less to maintain than typical traffic signals.  Cape Girardeau Police Department public information officer Darin Hickey says there's still a chance for crashes, but police will work as usual to ensure safety for travelers. Police accident reports for 2010-2012 showed 20 accidents for that intersection.  The roundabout design will be the first of its kind in the state. It has two lanes, but only for parts of its circumference. To travel all the way around, drivers will need to move into the inside lane, but it is possible to exit the circle from the inside or the outside lanes.  Kingsway Drive at Lexington Avenue will be closed throughout construction. Lexington will stay open, but Route W will be closed at some point for approximately one week.  The entire project is slated for completion by the beginning of October.

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