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An upcoming 5K has its foundation in faith and will offer help to those in transition

Apr 30, 2013 -- 3:09pm


Does your faith in a higher power have anything to do with your ability to run a 5K? Apparently it does! Coordinator of a race titled “Run for GOD” Scott McQuay says they host a twelve week practical guide to running a 5K while maintaining a Christian focus and have had success! Over 2-hundred students are getting ready for a June 29th event at Lynwood Church. That Saturday at 6am McQuay tells KZIM KSIM even those who have never run before find they are inspired to go for their goal. There is a parallel between sports and faith and how we can do a lot of things we thought were impossible. It is enlighting that people, through encouragement, are finding they can do this too. You do NOT have to attend the class to be in the race. All proceeds will benefit the Amen Center in Delta…  a faith-based transition center helping families who have fallen on hard luck get back on track. To register for the race go to run-for-god-dot-com This event is now held at 7-hundred churches with over 22-thousand runners participating. 

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