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License Plate Scanner

May 03, 2013 -- 3:30pm

The Cape Girardeau Police Department has had extra technology on the streets for seven months, and it has proven to be a help to the department. A police car with multiple high-speed cameras attached to the roof is able to capture photographs of nearly every vehicle and its license plates along a traveled route. License plate numbers are then ran through a national database, along with the time and location of the recording. If the plate belongs to someone with an active warrant, if the car or plates are suspected stolen, or if the plate number is part of an active investigation or Amber Alert an alarm system sounds an alarm within seconds. In the seven months on the street, the system has been used in 15 cases that led to arrests. The goal is to have the patrol car on the streets all the time, and to aid other are police departments when possible. The equipment was purchased with a grant from the Missouri Police Chiefs association, and is used in Cape Girardeau, Springfield, St. Charles, and Joplin. 

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