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A movie coming to town highlights a program available at local churches. It helps those with addictions in a unique way

May 06, 2013 -- 2:26pm


Home Run – the movie is about a professional baseball player with a serious alcohol addiction. In its storyline his manager sends him to a 12-step program called “Celebrate Recovery” after he is suspended for a DUI incident. This same programmed – loosely inspired by alcoholics anonymous but more faith based – is available at local churches. Lynwood Baptist Church Ministry leader Tracy Childers tells KZIM KSIM it covers a gamut of issues…From A to Z front to back the ministry is known for alcohol and chemical issues but also an entire host of others... and the movie really brings that out. The movie is based on hundreds of true stories and is coming to Cape Girardeau this Friday. Wehrenberg will host it until Tuesday the 14th. To inquire about the Celebrate Recovery groups; Lynwood holds meetings Tuesdays at 5pm, St. Andrew Lutheran meets at 5pm on Sundays, while Calvary Temple in Fredericktown gathers on Fridays…  Most serve a free dinner prior to large and then smaller groups. Go to Lynwood-b-c-dot-org for more information. Wehrenberg’s website has a listing of show times.

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