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Letters requesting full disclosure on the DOR scandal have been sent — but not answered

May 07, 2013 -- 3:46pm


An open records request has been sent to the Acting Director of the Missouri Department of Revenue, John Mollenkamp, by District 148 Representative Holly Rehder. Beyond the generic department of Homeland Security letter to Governor Jay Nixon no answers are surfacing on why personal information was shared by the DOR with the federal government. This being in direct violation of Missouri laws forbidding compliance with the Real ID act. Rehder says people are fearful of the ramifications of this action and want it stopped! She tells KZIM KSIM she is getting the run around even after a requested extension with a deadline of TODAY – she wants access to information now…She wants emails, documents, letters and access tor ecords between the DOR and anyone who has anything to do with implementing REAL ID  practices. She wants to know who did this and why. Rehder says equipment is being switched but there are no confirmed procedures. Many people have resigned but we need proof the information and copies of it have been destroyed. Speaker Tim Jones has appointed an independent, bipartisan committee to develop resolutions to end this once and for all. Rehder reminds constituents that DOR offices are privately run small businesses having become the sacrificial lambs. This is not their doing so she asked that outrage be focused elsewhere.


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