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Get involved to prevent your kids from sexting

May 08, 2013 -- 5:00pm

With news of a former Springfield teacher pleading guilty to sexual misconduct of a child after sending sexually explicit message to a 13-year-old, the Parental Intelligence System uKnowKids and Internet and Mobile Phone Safety Expert Tim Woda want to offer sexting resources and tips to residents of Missouri so parents can better protect their children from sexting incidents. Woda recommends parents ensure they recognize all numbers on their phone bill. It is important to ask kids about numbers you don’t recognize. If kids close phones or computers around you, don’t be naïve. Before you give your child a mobile phone, be sure to outline rules and expectations. Discuss potential legal and social repercussions of sending inappropriate pictures or spreading them online, whether they are of your child or not. Overall, be a vigilant parent. For a parental resource page on sexting, visit

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