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Sidewalk contract awarded and new aldermen sworn in at Bernie meeting

May 10, 2013 -- 6:28am


The Bernie Board of Aldermen awarded a contract for sidewalk repairs and elected new officers at their regular meeting this week. Barry Zimmerman was sworn in as the new alderman in Ward III after the city approved the recent election results.  Mike Meese of Bernie submitted the only bid repair to construct 2,551 feet of sidewalks in the city. Ward I Alderman Todd Young was elected board president, Gloria Dean was re-appointed city clerk and Linda Stevens was re-appointed city treasurer.  The aldermen voted to hire a humane/code enforcement officer.  The position will work under the Bernie Police Department, be on call and work as needed for animal control and code enforcement, at a pay of $500 per month. The city will be looking to fill that position as soon as possible.

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