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Man arrested, charged after switching mother's medicine with marijuana

Jun 13, 2013 -- 11:52am

An Advance man was arrested and charged Wednesday with two counts of the Class C felony of distribution of a controlled substance and elder abuse after admitting he switched his 85-year-old mother's medications with marijuana. According to a news release issued by Stoddard County Prosecuting Attorney Russell Oliver, Michael McCleary entered the Advance City Hall and police station and requested the receptionist refill his marijuana medication. He dumped marijuana on the receptionist's desk. Advance Police Chief Donnie Bohnsack field-tested the substance which tested positive as marijuana. McCleary was informed that it was illegal to possess the substance. He disagreed and said he could use it as medication. McCleary then told Bohnsack he had been giving his mother, Norma Vanmatre, marijuana in place of her prescription medications, and she was doing much better since he started giving her marijuana. A urine sample of McCleary's mother was obtained and tested positive for THC. McCleary also was arrested on an outstanding warrant for second-degree sexual misconduct and misdemeanor assault of a law enforcement officer that was issued by the Stoddard County circuit court after an incident with an Advance police officer where McCleary allegedly was naked in the front yard of his home in Advance.

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