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More patrols in Scott County will come thanks to a state grant

Jun 13, 2013 -- 5:57pm

Sheriff's deputies in Scott County will spend more time on patrol, thanks to a state grant.  Capt. Kenneth Kinder of the Scott County Sheriff's Department told county commissioners during their regular meeting Tuesday that the department was approved for a grant of $28,592.54 from the Missouri Department of Public Safety's 2014 Deputy Sheriff Salary Supplementation Fund.  It is not for new hires, but to supplement payroll and allow current officers to pick up more hours—paid hours.  Kinder said the grant works out to about $100 per month for each deputy.  The grant's funding comes from money collected for serving civil documents.  For every civil paper served in the state of Missouri, $20 goes to the state of Missouri and is placed in a central repository, and that money is held by the state to be reissued to the sheriff's offices to supplement deputy salaries.  

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