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Are your legislators representing you as you wish? One group grades them as per its mission statement

Jun 18, 2013 -- 5:27pm

For the first time the Missouri chapter of Americans for Prosperity has evaluated the performance of state legislators. Director Patrick Werner says citizens don’t engage elected leaders enough nor do we monitor their performance. He tells KZIM KSIM AFP-MO specifically looked at voting records on Medicaid expansion, paycheck protection, transportation sales tax, reining in common core, ending agenda 21, new utility surcharges, prevailing wage reform, tax reform, and a constitutional spending cap. We tried to take a look at things discused this session in context based on AFP's mission. Which is smaller government, lower taxes, policies to produce economic freedom and then grade them from ABCDF on how they voted in the first half of the 2013 legislative session. Werner says the overall HOUSE score was 57-percent with the GOP at 80-percent and Democrats at 10-percent. The Senate had an overall score at 65-percent with the GOP at 86-percent and Democrats at 14-percent. To view individual letter grades go to m-o-a-f-p-dot-org

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