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The top man at the Department of Corrections staunchly supports recognition and remembering victims of crime

Jun 21, 2013 -- 5:03pm

There are 31-thousand-5-hundred people incarcerated in Missouri prisons, with another 75-thousand on probation or parole. Director of the Department of Corrections, George Lombardi says that means there is double that number of crime victims. Whether it was a physical violence or a family that lost someone to a crime or because he or she perpetrated it, they are victims. He says they deserve to be remembered and recognized. He tells KZIM KSIM each year in April there is a commemoration for just that during national Crime Victims’ Rights Week…Every one of the prisons and almost every one of the parole offices do some kind of recognition ceremony. They go to community leaders like mayors or law enforcement officials, and victim advocacy groups to plan them. Lombardi says healing is important but so is educating the public about the importance of victim’s rights.  Including educating those who create those victims. 

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