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Have you seen a baby dinosaur wandering the streets? You could receive a reward for finding her!

Jun 25, 2013 -- 4:55pm

The Bollinger County Museum of Natural History has lost a dinosaur! Kota, the baby triceratops has escaped and may be cold, hungry, and scared! Or not…. Administrator Pat Welker tells KZIM KSIM she went missing on the 3rd! One day while repairing her cage they must haveleft her door open and the little stinker snuck out! Maybe to see if she can find some of her ancestors out there! Kota is, of course, a display item at the museum but this SPOT KOTA contest is making it fun to study dinosaurs and “bone up” on your sleuth skills! If you see her snap a photo! Don’t worry about being behind. You can get see all the sightings and posts at the museum facebook page. When she is found someone with a complete list will win 50-dollars on September 28th! Forms are available at the museum. Call for more information at 238-1174.  

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