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Cape School Board approves 2013-2014 budget

Jun 25, 2013 -- 10:11am

SE Missourian

Funding to provide computers for high school students and teachers, along with the creation of two positions to support the initiative, and a bump in teacher salaries were part of the 2013-2014 budget approved Monday by the Cape Girardeau School Board. Revenue is estimated at $50.96 million, with expenditures of about $51.55 million. Counting reserves, the balance at the end of the year is estimated at about $9.97 million. The budget year begins July 1. The board also approved an amended 2012-2013 budget that projects a balance of about $10.6 million at the end of June. The beginning fund balance was $21 million. Estimated revenue was $49.4 million, and expenditures were projected at $59.8 million. Also included in the budget are stipends for teachers to come in a day during the summer for training. Major one-time expenses were the new English-language arts textbooks. The budget allots more than $650,000 for textbooks this next year, with more than $500,000 of that on the English-language arts textbooks. The budget also accounts for the addition of two more resource officers for the district.

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