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A dog attack in Sikeston over the weekend

Jun 25, 2013 -- 10:11am

Sikeston DPS is reporting a canine attack on a Humane Society worker Sunday morning. On the 13th an Akita was seized after biting two people.  The owner says the dog attacked a friend and when he tried to help he was bitten on his left hand resulting in the loss of the tip of his index finger. His friend was bitten on his upper right shoulder. The animal was taken to the Humane Society Shelter to be monitored for disease. He was there until Monday.  A worker went inside to feed the animals and was met by the Akita that had broken loose. The worker was attacked and escaped by jumping in the bed of a pickup truck.  The worker had severe bites to both hands and the tip of his left middle finger had been bitten off.  The canine escaped but was soon in a field not far from the Shelter. Rather than risk further attacks the dog was put down.  An officer did so successfully, in a quick and humane fashion without further risk to citizens or employees.  

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