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Did you know the Sikeston Jaycee Boot heel rodeo almost never happened? Lots of other facts too in a new book on its history!

Jun 28, 2013 -- 2:08pm

Learn the history of the Sikeston Jaycees boot heel rodeo in a new book from Acclaim Press. Co Author Daniel Beck says the sixty year history is full of traditions and names of people who are responsible for bringing this gigantic economic boon to the boot heel. He tells KZIM KSIM while putting this together with Charlie Francis of Acclaim Press, he learned about the humble beginnings of one of the top rodeos in America… The interesting thing about the book is that all the things we see now with how the rodeo moves along now and how it used to are very much the same but also different. And to see how many times the rodeo almost didn't happen! The decision the first year only passed by one vote! One vote away frm never even having it! But, have it they did and it grows nearly every year. Beginning with local talent, the Sikeston Jaycees Boot Heel rodeo is now a major draw for fans of top Country artists, as well as the top COW boys and girls from around the world. You can order a copy of the book by going to either the rodeo’s webpage or acclaim-press-dot-com

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