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Sikeston City Council adopts FY-14 Budget

Jul 02, 2013 -- 3:30pm

Sikeston’s fiscal year 2014 budget went into effect July 1, 2013. Estimated revenues for operations are projected to be  $12.7 million.  Expenditures are expected to total $12.4 million. Revenues from sales taxes are the City's primary source of funds, providing 56% of all income.  Property taxes (real estate and personal) provide 18% with the remaining 26% comprised of grant funding, fees from licenses and permits, fines, and charges for specialized services. The City's primary role is the provision of services -- police and fire protection, operation and maintenance of parks, maintenance of streets, and other specialized services. As with all service-providers personnel costs consume the largest portion of the budget.  In FY-14 the City expects to spend $7.1 million to fully fund salary and benefits for 85 Public Safety employees, 25 Street and Parks Divisions employees, 30 seasonal Public Works employees (Summer Mowing Program) and 17 administrative/support staff members. A summary with an analysis of revenue sources, expenditures by function and staffing data can be viewed on the City's website,



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