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You may find you phone working faster todayand it’s not your imagination!

Jul 02, 2013 -- 2:00pm


Cape Girardeau cell phone customers will now have the latest generation of wireless network technology, at least if you are with AT&T Wireless.  Senior Public Relations Manager Katie Nagus tells KZIM-KSIM that you will now be able to stream, download, upload, game and surf the web faster with the rollout of their new 4G LTE service. Just look for the 4G or LTE icon on your phone to verify you are connected.  Nagus says that you will need a 4G capable device.  Most of the devices on the market today are—as the providers were anticipating the change in service long before the launch of the faster capability.  She says that if you have an upgrade in your future, you will benefit from the speed when you switch phones.

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