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Family Counseling Center offers tips to stop teen drinking

Jul 23, 2013 -- 6:00am


Summertime can be a dangerous time for teenagers to become involved with drugs and alcohol. According to the July/August newsletter of the Family Counseling Center ADA Funded Regional Support Center, an average of 11,000 teenagers begin using alcohol every day during the annual summer break. This is compared to an estimated 8,000 a day during other times of the year. Statistics also show that an estimated 4,500 begin smoking marijuana. In light of these numbers, the center advises parents to talk with their teens. In the newsletter, there are ten vital steps outlined that will help keep children from using drugs and alcohol this summer.Here are some of the steps included: Make sure you  discuss drinking and drug use with your children, don’t let them attend parties that are known to have alcohol, keep discussion open, Make sure they stay out of vehicles if the operator is under the influence, reward your teenager for good behavior, and point out the influence of the media. You can get more facts or information by contacting the Family Counseling Center at (573) 888-5925, ext. 215. 

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