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Alligator Gar are being introduced into Southeast rivers, in hopes to boost numbers

Jul 23, 2013 -- 6:35am


The Missouri Department of Conservation alligator gar stocking program that began in 2007 at Mingo National Wildlife Refuge has grown to extend throughout areas of Southeast Missouri.  MDC’s Fisheries Regional Supervisor Christopher Kennedy tells KZIM KSIM the project is part of the Department’s mission to protect and manage fish in the state. Kennedy says Gar are very important for the underwater environment. Kennedy says this is an effort to restore biodiversity through the restoration of a species that has declined in our state in recent years. He feels working towards the intended diversity of species in our waters is a big part of ensuring Missouri continues to be a great place to fish and All aquatic species play a role in making that happen. Efforts this week have brought alligator gar from U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Hatcheries in Tupelo, MS and Tishomingo, OK to the waters of Southeast Missouri. If you want more information on alligator gar of fishing you can go to

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