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Ameren appeal for Stoddard County Assessor value given to their property denied by Stoddard County Board of Equalization (BOE)

Jul 24, 2013 -- 5:00pm

The Stoddard County Board of Equalization (BOE) denied an appeal by Ameren Missouri to get the assessed value given their property by Stoddard County Assessor Jody Lemmon on the basis that Lemon was not allowing the company to depreciate their property. After reviewing the information, the BOE ruled that Ameren Missouri did not present sufficient information for them to overturn the assessor. Assessor Jody Lemmon tells KZIM KSIM Ameren sent two different versions of property values and he decided to use the first one.Presiding Commissioner Greg Mathis asked Lemmon to present his case to the BOE.Lemmon says for several years the assessor’s office has used the figures provided by Ameren to determine their assessed value and Ameren has never applied depreciation to the figures provided to the county. He says a revised form developed by the State Tax Commission has led Ameren to believe they can now apply depreciation and this would reduce the Ameren Missouri real and personal property valuation by $2 million in the county. Lemmon says the issue was that Ameren had never provided the assessor with the "original cost" of real and personal property held by Ameren. He isn’t sure how depreciation could be applied without providing his office that information. If Ameren appeals the decision it would be decided by the State Tax Commission after BOE boards in all 25 counties have made their ruling.

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