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If you struggle with energy bills and want ways to save some money Ameren has a few suggestions in a new program

Jul 26, 2013 -- 4:34pm

Ameren Missouri’s newest program called ACT ON ENERGY is designed to save you money no matter what level of participation you decide upon. Program expert, Cara Dolly says 50-percent of your energy costs are from heating and cooling. Not only can you marry the processes of conservation and upgraded technology, you can look for energy star certification and get up to 20-percent more in savings. She tells KZIM KSIM this is not just applicable to individual dwellings but also a smart process for businesses. Look on act-on-energy-dot-com under BIZ SAVERS…From the business stand point Ameren can provide incentives for just about anything a business needs.. lighting, air conditioners, heat, water, electricity and find themselves really saving some money. Dolly says small steps can add up to a big difference. There are rebate offers for air conditioners right now through Cool-Savers. It shows results in a 5-step process. Call you appliance service provider and see if they participate. If not tell them to sign up! She reminds you to also take advantage of federal tax credits for energy savings technology right now. Act on energy from Ameren Missouri has seven residential and four business programs on line. 

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