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One Missouri group is clearing the clutter behind the veto of HB 253 argument

Aug 01, 2013 -- 3:16pm

There has been much talk about House Bill 2-53 and how destructive it will be to schools and other entities if there is an override of Governor Jay Nixon’s veto by Missouri legislators. An effort is now underway to make sure you know why one group is fighting for exactly that. President of Associated Industries of Missouri, Ray McCarty says you are being grossly misinformed. He says they are not watching out for only the big guys – but are very concerned about the financial health of everyone in this economy. He tells KZIM KSIM we are losing businesses to neighboring states regularly because of our archaic tax code… He says the misunderstanding is that this bill would hurt schools and in fact, if we do nothing, schools and other vital services will suffer. If businesses continue to go to Kansas and elsewhere we absolutely lose revenue we are now counting on to go to our schools. McCarty cites that businesses would have to have growth of over 1-hundred-million-dollars before anything would happen for them. He says allowing businesses to keep more of their money will be better for even the lowest income workers and “S” companies. These groups would see benefits right away. McCarty fears if this veto stands revenue will leave. Read more at AIMO-dot-org. 

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