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A cool July has been good for Southeast Missouri’s ozone levels

Aug 02, 2013 -- 7:00am

The unusually cool July in Southeast Missouri has been a relief to everyone who is watching ozone levels. There are ozone monitors in Perry and Ste. Genevieve counties. For several years, Southern Missouri has battled against air-quality issues and fought to keep ozone readings at the allowed levels. Regional planner with the Southeast Missouri Regional Planning and Economic Development Commission David Grimes tells KZIM KSIM that the EPA records the presumptive boundaries as the county boundaries where the ozone monitor is located. He says right now St. Genevieve and Perry Counties are in compliance with required ozone levels. St. Louis is not. Not once this summer has the ozone level exceeded the EPA's desired standards. Grimes says as long as we keep having cool weather, we are in good shape. "As Yogi Berra says prediction is the hardest especially if its about the future," Grimes says. He predicts we will have hot days to come though as it is still August. Grimes encourages residents to do little things to keep emissions low, such as carpooling, mowing lawns in the evening and "stopping at the click" rather than topping off while refueling their vehicles as gas stations.

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