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Congressman Jason Smith talks BLUE WAYS designation

Aug 05, 2013 -- 3:47pm

Jason Smith has now been serving District eight as a Congressman for sixty-one days. He is doing one on one meetings with all members of Congress to familiarize himself with how they do things. This week he is in the district for the farm tour and participating in a work a week tour doing the jobs of others to better understand their challenges. When returning to Washington for the fall session in September he wants to spearhead efforts to cut back on the hundreds of thousands of rules placed on farmers, ranchers, and business owners in southern Missouri by special interest groups like the EPA. Smith tells KZIM KSIM these agencies have gone totally rogue, especially in designating the White River a BLUE WAY – affecting people in fourteen counties in his district! He says "One of things he threw a huge fight over was to stop this designation. They claimed they had a right under the Clean Water Act from decades ago. We need to stop them from promogating things 40 years after the legislation is past and we are seeing that with climate change proposals under the Clean Air Act. It's Ridiculous!" This BLUE WAY designation was rescinded on July 3rd and there is a pause on all other waterways.  During work a week Smith is waiting table, bagging groceries, and even closed out the show for KZIM KSIM’s Faune Riggin after the Morning news Watch Monday… he may have caught the radio bug!


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