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Authorities are still working a case in Fredricktown, no matter how much time passes

Aug 05, 2013 -- 5:54pm

The authorities continue to hunt down leads in the case of a missing Fredricktown girl, no matter how long it has been…Twenty-four years after a 14-year-old girl disappeared from near her eastern Missouri home, leads still trickle in concerning the disappearance of Gina Dawn Brooks.  Gina was last seen on Aug. 5th, 1989. Her red bicycle was found on the street in her hometown of Fredericktown. There were reports of a light blue, gray or green station wagon at about the time a witness heard a scream in the neighborhood.  FBI spokeswoman Rebecca Wu says that new information still comes in from time to time, and agents investigate every tip. Bryant Squires reportedly made a deathbed confession in 1996, indicting an associate, Nathan "Danny" Williams, but first-degree murder charges against Williams were eventually dropped due to lack of evidence.  

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