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Kinder returns portion of budget to state

Aug 16, 2013 -- 6:27am

Missouri Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder announced Wednesday that he has returned part of  of his Fiscal Year 2013 office budget to the state. Kinder tells KZIM-KSIM that prior to this year, his office budget has decreased nearly 10 percent since 2009, and has paid all his official travel expenses since 2009, further saving taxpayers’ money. 

This year, Kinder’s budget grew slightly so his office could launch an initiative designed to save taxpayer money by identifying waste, mismanagement and inefficiency in government. The Missouri Waste Report is an interactive website that will allow government employees and the public to report instances of government waste and abuse.  His first expenditure cut is directed at Governor Jay Nixon, and the new Missouri Highway Patrol plane purchased late last year.

Kinder says he needs the help of state employees and concerned Missourians who are willing to report instances of wasteful spending.

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