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A popular reading program has grown so much more of you are needed to make it “succeed”

Aug 21, 2013 -- 4:44pm

Nearly 1-hundred-fifty volunteers worked last year, to achieve the goal of raising 85-percent of kindergarten and first graders in Cape Public Schools a full grade level in reading comprehension. The “read to Succeed” program from the United Way of SE Missouri Director Monique Johnson says they blew that out of the water with a whopping 98-percent! This program is about to begin again but has outgrown its volunteer base! Another 1-hundred of you are needed to commit to thirty minutes a week of spending time with a student. Johnson tells KZIM KSIM this is a structured reading program…"You don't have to bring books, it's all set up for you. And training is provided. Students read to the volunteers and you have to guide them through. They read each book twice to move up a level. It's a really great ptogram." This is a one on one process with over 2-hundred kids waiting. Training is about to begin; on the 31st or September 7th from 930 to 11am at the Central School Offices on Clark Street in Cape. To inquire, call 334-9634. Students are chosen for the program by teachers who see a need of extra attention in phonics.  

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