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Two East Prairie women are back in court today for a Sikeston home invasion

Aug 21, 2013 -- 7:00am

Two of three East Prairie women who allegededly wentinto a man's home and attacked  him in June were back in court this week.  61-year-old Stanley Abernathy reported that three white women and a black man entered his home through an unlocked door.  The suspect had a gun and asked for drugs and threatened death, while trying to force Abernathy to the basement.  Abernathy reported that he was able to fight the man off, but did lose his phone when one of the women tried to stab him in the back.  Abernathy says the man went to the basement, and robbed his renters.  The four suspects fled the scene in a vehicle that police later pulled over. Three East Prairie women were arrested: 30-year-old Ashley Hunt, 41-year-old Carrie Mehrer, and 30-year-old Sarah Haddock, all of whom face felony charges of robbery and burglary and a misdemeanor theft charge. They are in custody-each on $75,000 bond. Mehrer and Hunt are scheduled to appear before Judge Scott Horman for her preliminary hearing today. Haddock is scheduled to be arraigned before Judge Horman September 10th.

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