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Dexter condemnation program

Aug 23, 2013 -- 6:15am


The City of Dexter is continuing to encourage residents to clean up dilapidated properties, but in the event that they cannot, they will take action.  City Zoning Inspector Jim Dowdy tells KZIM-KSIM that they are concentrating on houses that are empty and neglected.  Dowdy says that he wouldn’t want to look at the houses either, with the high weeds and broken windows, and that neighbors are “tickled” to see the properties cleaned up.  But the condemnation process is both time-consuming and costly, and the first step is for the city to locate the owner.  Dowdy says the demolition can cost thousands, and has to be paid for by the city. A lien is then placed on the property for the amount, and it may not be sold until that amount is reimbursed.  Four properties are active in the process right now, with another added Thursday.  Hearings regarding the properties will be scheduled, and are open to the public as well as developers.


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