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Convicted sex offender who was arrested by moving next to a preschool is back in court today

Aug 23, 2013 -- 5:22pm

A man who was arrested for moving too close to a Perryville preschool and for failing to register as a sex offender is scheduled to be back in court today after his trial, which had been set in September, had been canceled. Previously convicted sex offender 31-year-old Nathaniel McDorman was arrested in January for moving within 1,000 feet of Caring Corner Preschool at 500 W. North Street in Perryville. When asked to move by the police, McDorman said he could not afford to. McDorman faces four felonies and possible punishment of up to 22 years in prison. Earlier this month he requested a change of Judge. He will have a Case Review before Judge William Syler.

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