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Gather your big-brained friends! It’s trivia time at the Bollinger County Museum!

Sep 06, 2013 -- 4:20pm

Test your knowledge about things like the human body, riddles, famous last words and weather in the 4th annual Bollinger County Museum Trivia contest! Administrator Patricia Welker says they will even have one of the ten categories about their own museum exhibits. So pay attention! Friday, the 20th the doors will open at 5:30pm for teams of 4 to 6 people to try to win half of the pot taken in from entries! She tells KZIM KSIM they will feed you too! "We;re going to feed you pulled pork or chicken with a drink, dessert and a side dish. If you don't want to eat for 5-dollars you can eat and watch the others play!" There is a 10-dollar entry fee due by the 18th. Singles and kids are welcome – you will be added to an existing team. Call Welker at 238-1174. 

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